Shotokan secrets_The hiddeen truth behind karate

shotokan secrets

A foreign invasion …

An unarmed nation …

The mystery of a martial art solved

Shotokan’s Secret> Karate was invented by the world’s unarmed boduguards to protect the world’s only unarmed king ….against Americans.

In 1853, before the American Civil War, the king of Okinawa was caught in a brink-of-war confrontation between katana and bayonets, the king’s unarmed guards faced impossible odds and narrowly avoided a costly bloodbath.

Karate masters Sokon Matsumara and Yasutsune Itosu spent decades reliving that day in their imaginations. They designed a new martial art for the royal bodyguards, making bare hands the equal of razor-sharp-steel. This was the first emergence of the hard style karate that became Shotokan, a ful generation before Master Gichin Funakoshi took his first karate lesson.


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